With a passion for the field of human potential, I love nothing more than to share impactful stories as a way to build empathy, to teach, and to inspire sustained action. When we courageously pursue change within ourselves and bring that healing into our relationships, we are a mighty force of love and change!

Core Topics

Grounding for Greatness

Sustain new levels of contribution and success

Own Your Place as an Introvert in an Extroverted Business World

Practical ways to excel as a quiet leader

Different on the Inside: Neurodiversity at Work

New frameworks for mental wellbeing and nurturing true brilliance



Growing up, I always felt a push-pull dynamic between wanting to stand back and observe the world and wanting to be the one to stand out and hold other people’s attention. As I’ve found my voice and the power of my own unique story, I’ve felt magnetized to the stage and the invitation to use my array of unusual life experiences as a platform to uplift others as inspired agents of change.

As a speaker, my style is very interactive. My practice as an intuitive speaker helps me to stay closely connected with the audience. Ultimately, I want it to be contagious for the attendees to take immediate action in alignment with their own awakening journey, the message woven within the presentation and your event’s desired vision and outcomes.


Leah is one of the warmest, most articulate and honest women I have had the pleasure to meet. She instantly earns your trust and has a lot of profound knowledge to share. She is an educator that teaches it is OK to still be learning at the same time as teaching and to love yourself exactly where you are.

Leah spoke at my event recently and the room was completely mesmerized, myself included. Leah has a way of captivating her audience with raw authenticity, vulnerability, and strength that I could see provided a little something to each person watching.

- Erin Vanderkooy, Wellness Coach & Founder of POWER

Amber Jane

It was such a wonderful event! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I did not realize there were others like me! It was truly beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️

Bravery and vulnerability, we are learning, go hand in hand. Leah and other speakers shared their real stories, like the story a good friend might hear. I fell in love with each one. My heart opened up and related, empathized, and felt proud of them. I was touched. And thankful to see the example that we can come out and talk like this, share like this, and still be brilliant in what it is we are doing and offering in the world. It was a reminder that we are colorful and well used - but never broken.

- Amber Jane Arquette www.amberjanehealing.com


Leah holds space for people in an open-hearted and deeply present way. I felt connected to the others in the group who were strangers when I entered the room. Leah’s group exercises and class content were thought provoking and moved me toward new growth in the way I approach stress reduction and play.

- Anonymous


Leah is truly wonderful. She does a lovely job captivating her audience with her light, knowledge, and authenticity.

-Rachel Ramberg, Community Associate, WeWork Power & Light


Leah generously offered to facilitate our viewing of the film Sensitive: the untold story at one of our monthly First Friday Film events. As a highly sensitive person, she was able to offer experiences from her own journey, providing context and framework to the audience. As a facilitator, she kept the conversation moving forward in an open and positive way. Honest, sincere, and generous are all words I would use to describe Leah. She is a brave advocate for herself and others like her, a full 20% of our population. We learned a great deal from Leah!

-Maureen Cole, Library Director, Oregon City Library

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