From Crisis to Gift: Why I Teach Intuitive Awareness

Leah K Walsh Intuition, New Moon, PCOS, Winter, Women

An Interview with The Wellspring School for Healing Arts

Tell us, what is the inspiration behind your upcoming series, Women in Tune?

LW: 2017 was a very difficult year for most people. My year was unique because it became my “year of retirement.” At age 32, I spent the best year of my adult life pursuing what brought me the most joy, restoring my creative fire, and deeply reflecting on my specific gifts and greater life purpose.

Donald Trump has been a great motivator! What better time?! Women in Tune is the heart of the work that came through me in 2017.


With so much crisis, injustice, and systematic unraveling in the world, why work with women to strengthen their intuition?

LW: This work is my activism. We need people on the streets, campaigning, writing letters, organizing. Yes! All of this is important. And, ultimately, all change is an inside job. It comes from changing our inner landscape and beliefs. If I can guide 1, 2, 10, or 200 people to invest deep trust in their bodies, instincts, beauty, natural hungers and gifts then we have that many more people awake and alive to follow their passion. They are able to give their own clear song and creative life energy to their own divine purpose. This is pure activism. Activism that is about simply learning to love and hold what is and allowing change to naturally come from this fertile soil of love.


How has your own life story caused these themes of intuition, empathy, and energetic sensitives to be such a focus in your coaching work?

LW: I had a very conflicting life starting as a child. Since I was born, people loved calling me an “old soul;” however, no adults were able to help me identify that I was a highly intuitive empath and was constantly tuning into other people energy.

For the first 20 years of my life, I had no tools for understanding what I was feeling in my body. A lot of it scared me, but for many reasons, I quickly learned not to talk about. I coped by never getting too close to people. I used food to soothe and create an energetic buffer. I turned to nature, exercise, my stuffed animals, arts, but I was always fighting something on the inside that did not “turn off.” I never felt safe in my body…I honestly hated it. Ouch. It hurts to remember some of this. Ultimately, I decided I could not trust myself.

I was also diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) as a young teenager. This compounded my experience and I shut down my womb space and any capacity to embody my voice and feminine power. It felt like my body betrayed me.  **Note: My journey with PCOS activated my passion for botanical and energy medicine. For women with symptoms of PCOS, I have featured interviews on my blog with Dr. Heidi Peterson and Dr. Angela Cortal that are full of crucial information that has shaped my constantly evolving understanding of this disposition and my prevention strategies.

But life always takes us somewhere. I always had a spiritual hunger and this was my guiding light. My mom helped me discover meditation. I always found some way to live in indigenous communities. I started honoring my spiritual hungers by enrolling in an earth-based ministry training program, grounding myself by gardening and wild harvesting, and attending culinary school as a way to start a new relationship with food. Traveling internationally with a council of indigenous grandmothers, I grew my understanding of energy, our subtle bodies, the traditional role of healers and ceremonial practices. Slowly, I’ve been able to embrace my attuned intuition and sensitivities as a precious gift! It has been a long path.

I share this work because I don’t want anyone to go through what I did if they don’t have to. I want my story to be a gift to others.


What do you want women to know who are considering taking this series?

LW: Come with your questions, your own life story, and your open heart. The first two weeks we’ll focus on the different types of intuitive knowing and the anatomy of our subtle energy body. We’ll practice essential tools to care for these bodies. The last two weeks we’ll cover tools for emotional resilience and daily practices (food, exercise, finances, earth time, relationships) to ground our sensitivities into our urban lives.

While I have foundational teachings I’m inspired to share, I designed the classes to be co-creative so we can follow where spirits take us. This includes the practice to close each session with a talking circle.

So many of us doing this subtle inner work to reclaim our full energy bodies are wired to be healers, guides, dreamers, creatives, and storytellers. These were (and in some places still are) roles once honored within our own ancestral lines. We simply came into a culture that cannot see these gifts.

From my own journey, I promise you that there is space for your sensitivities and your gifts in this world. As we heal ourselves by embracing our unique gifts, we heal our ancestors and find a great sense of joy and belonging.