One Drop: Essential Oils to Boost Health & Relieve Stress

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An Essential Oils Enthusiast

I love it when a friend shares they met someone they know I’ll love. Don’t you? Well, that is how I heard about Krystin Rose.

This interview was inspired by Krystin’s great story about becoming an essential oils enthusiast. I’ve had many positive experiences using oils, but they’ve never become a staple in my medicine kit. How could I better understand how to use oils in my day-to-day life? And if you are like me and get overwhelmed with a lot of new information at once (or what the financial investment is), I wanted someone who could distill simple ways to begin.

Indeed, it was a joy to meet Krystin. Her warm personality and passion for the world of essential oils made her a beautiful teacher (as you will soon hear).

Community wellbeing has so much to do with our capacity to see and care for one another with people-to-people medicine. While powerful and must be used with reverence and some basic knowledge, plant medicines- including essential oils- are powerful healers. They are just waiting for us to call them by name.


Here are the Main Highlights:
  • Engage in all the ways Krystin uses essential oils throughout her day.
  • I definitely got excited about her tips of rubbing oils onto the bottom of children’s feet to help them sleep at night and the power of a diffuser at home and in the workplace.
  • How we ALL can be resistant to new things that we eventually cannot live without!
  • Putting more personal empowerment into our day and “taking back our health” can look this simple.


Safe Use of Essential Oils. While plants won’t chase us down like a lion in the jungle, they are powerful. If working with essential oils without someone with experience, be sure to review this information.

Note/Disclosure: I did not intend to promote Doterra in this episode. This is simply the company that Krystin is working with.

And finally, Krystin’s contact information. 

Email:, Phone: 503-222-3030

If in Portland, Krystin offers Essential Oils Basics classes for free at her home in Sellwood. Otherwise, she is available for distance consultations via phone/Skype.

Krystin Rose comes to Oregon by way of Michigan and Florida. After retiring her law practice, Krystin became interested in nutrition and natural ways of healing. She has discovered the healing power of essential oils and now teaches classes to help others discover how using essential oils can also change their lives.