Intake Forms


Below is the list of required intake forms along with additional self-assessment tools.

If you choose to submit the Learner Intake Form via the online fillable form (shown below), I will forward you the responses via email so you have a copy for your records.

For several of the self-assessments, I invite you to take a screenshot of your results and email these to me or to share the results in your in Intake Form.

Before you complete these, I invite you to create some sacred space, ground yourself, maybe even light a candle, and find your connection to your heart’s desires.

Thanks for taking these steps to invest in your own growth. May this process be a reflective doorway to our time together!

Forms   *Indicates required.

Learning & Coaching Agreement* (PDF, download and eSign or print and sign)

Learner Intake Form* (PDF, print or submit the fillable form below)

What to Expect: Coaching with Leah (PDF, informational material)

Wheel of Life Assessment Tool (PDF, optional assessment tool)

Excitability Self Assessment from Aurora Remember at Embracing Intensity (Link, assessment tool)

Enneagram Type Self Assessment (Link, assessment tool)

Gretchen Rubin's The Four Tendencies Quiz (Link, assessment tool)

Highly-Sensitive Person Self Assessment (Link, assessment tool)

Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) Assessment (Link, assessment tool)

Samantha Croft's Unofficial Females and Asperger's Checklist (Link, assessment tool)

ADDitude Magazine’s ADHD Self-Test for Women (Link, assessment tool)

Self Compassion Self Assessment from Dr. Kristin Neff (Link, assessment tool)

Wholehearted Inventory Assessment (Link, assessment tool)

Additional resources for exploring neurodivergent traits can be found here.


Online Learner Intake Form