Looking for a dynamic young speaker?

When I speak, I want lives to be changed.

More than inspiring an audience to a “feel good” state, I use research, accessible stories, and a simple take-home message to create a clear call to action. Because…

I want it to be contagious for people and groups to take immediate action.

If I inspire people to laugh, build their empathy, contribute to culture shifts, and take up a new practice for their inner and outer transformation…then I’ve done my job.

When I deliver, it is my passion to connect with audiences like they are the one person sitting directly across from me.

If I’m on stage, I may get off of it and into the audience. I prioritize people interacting with one another. Our bodies will move. I strive for play and laughter. And finally, I love sharing silence together. The power of breathing as a group after some great story or learning is profound. The contained space to reflect on a message or desired next action step is priceless for making change real.

The long-term success of your group and the vision you hold is my priority.

Speaking topics include:

  • Creating cultures of connection through empathy & play
  • Women on Fire: Owning the power of your voice
  • Self-care & stress management in a frenetic world
  • Speak Up: Public speaking for introverts and deep listeners
  • Set personal and technological boundaries so you can live a more spacious and productive life

If you have a topic you are interested in but do not see it listed above, please connect with me.

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I believe our only hope for the future is to adopt a new conception of human ecology, one in which we start to reconstitute our conception of the richness of human capacity. — Sir Ken Robinson (TED Talk)