Elevating Value-Driven Leaders with Clarity, Innovative Strategies & Wrap-Around Support


Women of Color in Tech

All innovative company leadership with the courage to risk their ideas deserve the support of strong foundations and relationships on which to stretch, grow, and excel.

However, today’s diverse company cultures face complex and unpredictable challenges. Everything from interpersonal dynamics to outdated systems. Put ten people in a room and you’ll hear twenty different perspectives. Competing agendas and constant change in the way we do business add to the challenge. How do you help people think well together and rhythmically move in the same direction?  

Working Together

A exceptional corporate culture is a culture that put people first and cares deeply about their sense of safety, belonging, and capacity to thrive. This is the heart of the work.

My work with corporations and nonprofits remove barriers to exceptional success for your staff, employees, and courageous leadership teams. I hold a strong focus on elevating feminine leadership in the workplace. In addition to growing and mentoring female talent, my work includes shifting stuck or adverse corporate culture, nurturing diversity as the source of resilience, and bring in innovative strategies for company wellness, both in policy and daily application.

My corporate offerings are custom-designed and driven by a business’s most pressing and urgent needs. The offerings range from hour-long trainings to arranged consulting contracts and can include a climate check with staff and employees, trainings, mentorship for company teams, and executive leadership coaching

As a dynamic young leader, my expertise brings with it a fresh energy into difficult or seemingly impossible challenges.


Areas of Expertise – Corporate & Business

Navigating the Art of Embodied Feminine Leadership

Storytelling for Professionals: Use stories to create more impact, financial investment, and empathy for your cause

The Power of Realizing You Already Have Everything You Need

Creating a Culture of Respect, Caring, & Creativity

Wellness Reignited: Mindfulness, gratitude, and creativity at work



Braving Our Stories: Feminine Leadership in Our Communities

With a huge mission to give back, I also offer innovative programming for girls and teens and small community circles. These offerings are story-based, emotionally safe, and body-centered to engage the values and practices surrounding wellness, self-love, and feminine leadership. It is a safe space to practice loving our bodies and belonging fully to our own life stories.


Areas of Expertise – Teens & Girls

The Feminine Leadership Lab for Teens & Girls

Girls Lead The World!

Tender Stories for Girls with Sensitive Old Souls


Areas of Expertise – Community Impact

The Feminine Leadership Lab: Magnify the Powers Within

All the Single Ladies: Tools to Love and Grow in Uncoupled Times

Intuitive Eating for Women

Spirituality and Empathy as Everyday Practices

Your Story Has Not Been Told: Creative Writing Workshop

Self Care in a Frenetic World


If you have a topic you are interested in but do not see it listed above, please connect with me. In the form, give the details of your request. We can see if it is a good match.

Finally, I know that my impact in this work comes from my commitment to walk my talk, use my privilege to act on behalf of all people, and live my most daring, creative, and inspired life.

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