Creating a Culture for Sensitive People to Thrive

As a life coach, I support you to

Ground Your Being

Feel at home inside your body so that you can maintain clear boundaries, deepen your intuition, and root into your own belonging.

Cultivate Belonging

Honor your own scars, tell your story, and invite the natural world to be a mentor of interconnection and rebuilding trust.

Show Up Freely

Rewrite the heavy stories you’ve been carrying so that you can be free to show up and stand rooted in your unique life journey.

I can help with...

  • Overwhelm and overstimulation

  • Difficulty setting boundaries

  • Feeling like you are always hiding a part of yourself

  • Feeling disconnected from your emotions or consumed by them

  • Composting the old stories so new ones can grow

  • A lack of clarity on how to create your ideal lifestyle


Life Coaching

Come home to the power and beauty of your own story.

This work is for people who

Are big-hearted and have felt very broken hearted.

Have a growth mindset & are open to the incredible value of learning over the value of getting it right.

Are sensitive, neurodivergent, or feel impacted by the world in ways that are overwhelming.

Want to laugh on the journey!

This work is not for people who

Want to be fixed or want a quick fix.

Are still comfortable with the status quo.

Don’t relate to a larger calling or connection to their own life.

Don't know the value of investing in themselves.

Are more interest in the destination than the journey.

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