My question to you is this.

What are you tolerating?


What is stopping you from stepping towards your fears and embracing the life you desire?

Is it…

Too much loss? Emotional pain? Stress and overwhelm? An inability to focus? Fear of what will happen to all the people you care for if you put yourself first? Simply not knowing where to begin?

Life is precious. We are the only ones who can invest in ourselves.

Live on purpose, fully expressed, and leave your unique and powerful impact.

Become a part of the new generation of artists, storytellers, inspired influencers, leaders, changemakers, geeks, and sensitive souls who create rippling change from the inside out.

Our world lacks vision. Give us yours. Take the leap.

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Leah’s support and insight made a significant impact during a period of major transition in my personal and professional life. It allowed me to pay attention to both challenges and insights and solidify my strategy for growth through self-appreciation and self-trust. At the end of a short few months, I can honestly say that I have experienced a meaningful change in the way that I experience my life and my work.

– Sara Batterby, Founder of The Batterby Group and Equity Capital Masterclass