Almost every woman apologizes for her power.

We all crave being deeply seen in our fullness, yet we are just as terrified of this. BUT, truth is, we are not any safer letting our power sit on the sidelines.

There is a cost. When we don’t allow our natural life force to flow and guide our lives, we experience chronic low-level depression, confusion, despair, and the inability to feel our own worthiness. We lose the capacity to make lasting and meaningful changes.

We are like bees stuck on a sticky lollipop.

Not true nectar.

This work is about finding the true nectar.


I am here to help you

Radically transform your relationship with fear and stuckness

Embrace vulnerability, courage, and your own hard-earned wisdom

Unapologetically claim the power of your story as the root of your embodied feminine leadership

Curious about my story?

Who I work with and my methodology as a coach or my speaking and consulting services?

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There is one more thing you need to know!

Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome. I use an inclusive definition of “woman” and welcome trans women, genderqueer women, and non-binary people who identify as women in a way that’s significant to them.


Come Home to the Power of Your Own Story.