Life Coaching

What is life coaching?

Imagine that all your life you've been carrying a backpack. Over time, you've found treasures and useful tools to keep in there. You've also held on to outdated survival stories and heartbreaks that become incredibly heavy and don't rest well against your back.

Life coaching is a space to unpack the backpack and, over our time together, to gently repack that pack with a clear orientation to your own worth, embodied personal power, self compassion, and an instinctual sense of where your journey is guiding you.

Coaching for Sensitive and Neurodivergent Adults

Transformative coaching techniques

One-on-one support and compassionate accountability

Extensive, supportive intake process

Connect over video (Zoom) or phone

Option to create a ritual or event to share your growth with those closest to you



Stories serve as our primary vehicle to understand where you come from and to uncover and anchor the new narratives you're called to embody.


Practice staying inside your body in ways that work for your inner temperament. Anchor and sustain your growth and change.

Living Earth

We welcome the natural animate world as a teacher of rhythms, patience, and belonging to your own body, story, and homeplace.


Your rich inner life and your own spiritual orientation are integral to this journey. Your deep knowing and your inner calling are guides.


More Ease and Comfort, Less Stress - Be Seen and Heard - Cultivate Self Trust & Belonging

Celebrate Exceptional Relationships - More Energy and Focus - Honor Your Story - Feel at Home in Your Body