My Story

Meet Leah

Leah is motivated by one desire: to help conscious and creative people uncover their weirdness and bring their most original self into the world.

After spending a summer hiking south instead of north on the Pacific Crest Trail, Leah learned that going against the grain suites her. Shortly after her backpacking pilgrimage, she founded her practice as a life coach and created her signature program, Positively Sensitive, as a way to support highly sensitive and introverted leaders to explore and boldly claim the power of their trait as their foundation to a successful and joyful life.

When she is not coaching or hanging out with the Brave & Tender Club, she'll likely be found baking with friends, checking out cute vendors at the Farmer’s Market, or skipping off to the wilderness to catch a dark starry sky.

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The Power of Embodied Presence

True health, wealth and wellbeing result from grounding and containing your life force energy within your own physical and energetic body. Learning to be (and stay) present is a radical act that is the foundation for sustained transformation and pleasure.


Allow Curiosity to Guide You

In an age of perfectionism and unhealthy striving, curiosity is your best friend. Curiosity naturally pulls us to be devoted learners with a growth mindset. It attunes our eyes to find beauty, wisdom, and celebrations, even in the darkest of days.


Cultivate Belonging

Cultivating belonging is one of our most courageous tasks as humans. It often requires forgiveness, honoring one’s own scars, and allowing the natural world to be a mentor of interconnection and rebuilding trust.


Surrender to the Journey

In our current culture, we are overly invested in “creating our reality” and plotting goals to our best life. I believe the seed of our life is deeply rooted within each of us. This seed is brilliant and it is our sacred responsibility to practice receiving the guidance of the mystery (and magic) it holds.


From the moment our session started, I felt safe and secure. Like a blanket of love was around me. It allowed me to open up to Leah and share my feelings. The best part was that she gave me tools and guidance to help me through not only this difficult time but possible future difficult times. Thank You, Leah!!

-Marilyn Johnson of
Spread the Love


Leah's support and insight made a significant impact during a period of major transition in my personal and professional life. It allowed me to pay attention to both challenges and insights and solidify my strategy for growth through self-appreciation and self-trust. At the end of a short few months, I can honestly say that I have experienced a meaningful change in the way that I experience my life and my work.

- Sara Batterby, Founder of
Equity Capital Collective


While preparing for a workshop to host a diverse team of technical experts I reached out to Leah for inspiration. Leah has a way to intuitively connect to people’s needs. It’s a rare gift. I recommend Leah for anyone seeking clarity for your work, run your ideas over, receive thoughtful feedback and feel reassured and confident for the task at hand.

–Neeraja Havaligi, Biodiversity Advocate, Seed Steward, and Executive Director of Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network


For years, I've known what I wanted to do but kept running into dead-ends. I sought out support from business advisors, seminars, books, blogs, an art coach, and even therapy. Things changed after I began coaching with Leah. In working with her for a 3-month season, I found the exact support I needed: I had a space for unpacking deeply entrenched fears and a guide who helped me do the work. Within a 3-month season I was finally able to overcome hurdles that, despite previous efforts, seemed unbeatable.

Several months later, I find myself moving forward in my journey every day, feeling free from those old, weighty fears---I'm finally leading in my life the way I always hoped and dreamed.

- S. Nicki Youngsma - Writer, Artist, & Editor


Leah is a genuine coach, poet, artist, creator - she listens and shares her words and insights from the heart and they reached into mine.

- Lynne, Teacher, and Traveler


Leah is grounded and deeply present, which creates a welcoming and safe space to be witnessed and to explore with freedom. Her intuition and skilled facilitation brought me to a profound understanding of what I'm ready to create and gave me tools to support my movement forward. I am very grateful for her coaching.

- Ann Warnock, Coach

Teaching Lineages

I want you to know the line of teachings I bring with me to this work. Rachael Jayne Groover and the Awaken Your Impact Mastery coaching team , Brené Brown, Laurie Wagner, Bari Tessler, Center for Sacred Studies, Rita Blumenstein, Marie Meade, Indigenous Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, my mother & father and their family lineages, White Raven Center, Schumacher Center for New Economics, the spirit of the Oak Tree (Quercus spp.), the community of Bethel, Alaska, the Christian faith, my beautiful web of friends and family, the spirits of the land, the song of the waters, my well ancestors, personal angels, animal guides, and spiritual counsel.

Honoring Indigenous Peoples

In honoring the indigenous peoples and ancestral lineages that were the first stewards and rightful caretakers of all the lands that I have lived upon, I want to list those tribal communities here. I honor these ancestors and pray for and with all living descendants of these resilient lineages.

Montara, California: Muwekma-Ohlone, Costanoans. Santa Cruz, California: Amah-Mutsun, Muwekma-Ohlone, Costanoans, Ohlone-Rumsen, Ohlone-Costanoan-Esselen Nation. Bethel, Alaska: Yup’ik. Nevada County, California: Nisenan. Portland, Oregon: Chinook Nation.

**Check out to learn more about the native communities that are the original stewards and inhabitants of the lands you now call home.

**Check out #HonorNativeLand as a guide for acknowledging the traditional Indigenous inhabitants of your homeland.