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Embracing Intensity, Honoring Your Sensitivity

Mercy Corps Northwest (MCNW), Own Your Place as an Introvert in an Extroverted Business World

Sensitive Empowerment, Grounding for Greatness

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ChickTech Portland, Different on the Inside: Neurodiversity at Work

Wayfinding College, This is Me: Real Stories About the Gifts and Challenges of Being Sensitive

Portland Parks & Recreation,  Teaching a Grammar of Animacy in Environmental Education

Portland Underground Graduate School (PUGS), Eating Acorns

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World Domination Summit (WDS), Brave + Tender Club

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Previous Brave + Tender Club Seasonal Themes

Interconnected Light: Exploring the Landscape of Sensitivity and Spirituality, Fall 2022

Catching Storm Clouds and Rainbows: A writing series for sensitive and neurodivergent humans, Spring 2022

Being Trees, Spring & Fall 2021

Different on the Inside: Exploring Ways to Thrive as a Neurodivergent Human, Fall 2020

Neurodiversity + the Highly Sensitive Brain, Spring 2020


Leah creates a safe and inviting container for a diversity of expressions, be it writing, reflection, or connection within spaces of complexity. I spent two seasons in her club and I felt they both engaged me in powerful new ways which enriched my senses and potential for human connection.

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