Who do I work with, you ask?

I work with conscious and creative humans, many of whom identify as being sensitive to their environments and other peoples energies.

These quiet and powerful leaders often struggle with overwhelm, low self-esteem, and difficulty discerning the boundaries they need to thrive while maintaining meaningful relationships with the people they love. 

Through our coaching journey, we work to ground your confidence and awaken your unique impact so you can live fully expressed.


  Complimentary 30-min Discovery Session

Your 30-minute Discovery Session is for us to uncover your blocks, look at a map for where you desire to go and offer you resources to get there. The only thing you’ll have to give up for your new life is your old one.


This work is not for people who

Want to be fixed or want a quick fix.

Are still comfortable with the status quo.

Don’t relate to a larger calling or connection to their own life.


This work is for people who

Are big-hearted and have felt very broken hearted.

Have a growth mindset or are open to the incredible value of learning over the value of getting it right.

Are highly sensitive, empathic, or feel impacted by the world in ways that are overwhelming.

Want to have fun and laugh on the journey!

Know the value of investing in themselves.


– – –

As a coach myself, I am a firm believer in seeking out others to learn from. Coaching with Leah has been an incredible blessing to me. I feel empowered and excited about changing those things that have held me back. This process has been great for my personal and professional life.

I can’t recommend working with Leah highly enough!

 Jill C., Coach & Consultant at Corona Consulting

– – –

Coaching and Neurodiversity

Many of the people I work with are neurodivergent, meaning their brains aren’t the neurotypical standard in our society. From highly sensitive nervous systems to very specific learning strengths, I shape my coaching to each persons learning style and gifts.

One example of this is understanding that we are on a journey and focusing less on concrete goals and more about strategies for how to “journey well.” We discern what these strategies look like for each person given their unique challenges and strengths.

Another example is my prioritization of grounding and centering at the beginning of each session. Getting present in our bodies and feeling connected to this state both in and outside of sessions is essential for any lasting change. We practice this a lot.

And finally, my focus on exploring the desired transformation underfoot through the lens of stories. Working with our own lives like they are scripts and we are the lead characters, quickly integrates body and mind for all kinds of learners and helps shape resilience in making choices in the future.

All this makes the work both imaginative, adventurous and resulting in rooted and powerful transformation for all kinds of learners.


  Complimentary 30-min Discovery Session

Your 30-minute Discovery Session is for us to uncover your blocks, look at a map for where you desire to go and offer you resources to get there. Are you committed to the change it will take?

– – –

From the moment our session started, I felt safe and secure. Like a blanket of love was around me. It allowed me to open up to Leah and share my feelings. The best part was that she gave me tools and guidance to help me through not only this difficult time but possible future difficult times. Thank You, Leah!!

–Marilyn Johnson, Owner of Spread the Love Jelly


Why I Care

I remember the moment I got it. Boom. With my sensitive sponge-like nature, I had not learned how to separate my own energy and thoughts from those around me. So, THIS is why I did not trust people. I never felt entirely safe. This awareness changed everything.

It’s hard to be seen and heard when you:

*By default, identify with the thoughts and feelings of others (hint: you don’t have to be in the same room for this to still be true)
*Have relationships that don’t support you to explore new boundaries
*Feel disconnected from your desires and inherent sense of self-worth

This struggle is real. My own transformation from these days motivates me to share why I started my coaching practice. 

I had some major blind spots throughout my last long-term relationship nearly 10 years ago. The biggest: I had no awareness that I was highly sensitive and empathic. I was perpetually caught up in doing the relationship “right,” that I had nearly forgotten who I was and what wanted for my own life. 

People who are sensitive often struggle with co-dependent relationships, especially with narcissists.

Our break-up was the biggest breakdown -> breakthrough of my life. I started therapy and coaching. I read books. I started a daily meditation practice. I cried a lot. I slowly started taking off two decades of emotional armor. I found my heart.

Professional mentors and new friends helped me identify my sensitivities. They taught me how to take care of them and ways to stay connected to my own inner wisdom. 

They taught me this work is a life-long practice. 

In the process, I found my breath (I was a major breath-holder before), my physical and energetic boundaries, profound personal-ancestral healing, and the ability to connect (and reconnect) to a deeply rooted sense of self and desires for MY life.

When I emerged from this descent into personal learning and spiritual healing, I knew it was time to give back. My coaching practice is my vehicle to uplift others who know the struggle is definitely real.