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Who do I work with, you ask?

I work with all generations of women. This work attracts soulful women. Women who have many scars, are warriors, are heartbroken, who have deep questions on their hearts. Many are sensitive. Some are mothers. Some love their pets like their children. Some are teens. Some have two breasts, some have one. Some have tattoos with moths or snakes or jagged mountains.

This work is for women pulled by a vision in their lives. Women ready to start their own business or explore their own living definition of feminine leadership.

Our primary sexual essence is feminine. We know ourselves as women.


Why this work?

You are tired of being stuck.

You’re exhausted looping in the hamster wheel of fitting in.

You are human and need community and focused skills to navigate life’s thresholds or big grieving.

You crave more abundance (financial, support, choices, relationships). Something stops you from getting where you want to go.

You struggle to awaken your inner desires and can’t seem to get any time or space for joy, rest, laughter, and creative play in your life.

You are aware of the truth that 90% of your thoughts every day are the same and very few of them are compassionate towards your own being.

You seek a partner to walk with you as you explore a new beginning or develop new skills.

mollyjeanpoganski_MothYou are pulled by a vision for your life and are ready for support navigating your metamorphosis. 


And why me?

I am called to this work. It makes my heart sing. I feel “on purpose.” I deeply value what I offer.

My strongest gifts are in deep listening, empathy, puzzle solving, and working with the subtle energies of the emotional & spiritual bodies. This is a dynamite package for being your coach.

I say what I feel. I am direct in giving feedback. I have a compassionate presence.

I teach through stories (my own repeated challenges…and eventual learnings, cultural stories, nature’s teachings). We are wired for stories. It makes the work simple and grounded. The results consistent.

I don’t believe in quick fixes. We go to the root of the work. I follow where your own leadership and the energies guide us.

I love people and our shared humanity. I believe we are all doing our best.

I never thought I would have enough self-confidence or sense of self-worth to start my own business. Remembering the despair and the grief and depression I’ve navigated, help me stand with you and be able to genuinely say, “this too shall pass.” What teaching or gift does this time offer?

I know I am here for a reason. I know you are here for a reason.

I am devoted to using my tremendous privileges (skin color, wealth, mental wiring, voice, cisgender identity, country of origin, family of origin) to make a difference for all beings.

I continue to do my own work. You will also be my teacher.

Know you’re ready to find out more? Learn with me.

As a coach myself, I am a firm believer in seeking out others to learn from. Coaching with Leah has been an incredible blessing to me. I feel empowered and excited about changing those things that have held me back. This process has been great for my personal and professional life.

I can’t recommend working with Leah highly enough!

— Jill C., Coach & Consultant


Know you’re ready? Grow with me.

Complete the Form under the Work with Me tab.

I’ll send off a welcome email. It will include a link for you to schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone call. This is our time to explore your intentions for this work and answer questions.


Interested in strategic consulting instead?

Most of my strategic consultations are with businesses and organizations. However, I offer a similar option for parents or individuals who are in need of expert advice and strategic support rather than a long-term coaching relationship.

If it is helpful, here is more about the difference between coaching and consulting. In coaching, the content and insight come from the learner. As a coach, I am an expert at coaching and the techniques that support a leaner to trust their own body, wisdom, and potential.  In a consultation session, I come forward as a strategic expert on a specific topic (i.e.: wellness strategies, children’s sensitivities) offering practical advice to help solve your concerns or current challenge. To schedule a strategic consultation, fill out this form. We can then craft a consultation that meets your needs.

If you are interested in me speaking or serving as an organizational strategic consultant at your business or organization, you can find out more here.


Let’s do this. I can hear your heart singing. Change with me.


I was preparing a workshop for a diverse team of technical experts and reached out to Leah to ask her guidance. Hearing her voice and wisdom was an inspiration. She has a way to intuitively connects to people’s needs. It’s a rare gift.

I recommend Leah for anyone seeking clarity to approach their work, run your ideas over, seek feedback and feel reassured and thus confident for the task at hand.

–Neeraja Havaligi, Biodiversity Advocate, Seed Steward, and Executive Director of Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network