Who do I work with, you ask?

I work with conscious and creative people who want to be seen and heard but who struggle with feeling stuck, deflated, and don’t know where to begin.

I offer one-on-one coaching, interactive keynotes, and experience-based playshops so they can ground their confidence and become fully expressed.

This work is for people of all genders.

And, most important, this work is for people with big, tender hearts.

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This is work not for people who

Want to be fixed or want a quick fix.

Are still comfortable with the status quo.

Don’t relate to a larger calling or connection to their own life.


This work is for people who

Are big-hearted and have felt very broken hearted.

Have a growth mindset or are open to the incredible value of learning over the value of getting it right.

Are Highly-Sensitive or feel impacted by the world in ways that are overwhelming.

Want to have fun and laugh on the journey!

Know the value of investing in themselves.


– – –

As a coach myself, I am a firm believer in seeking out others to learn from. Coaching with Leah has been an incredible blessing to me. I feel empowered and excited about changing those things that have held me back. This process has been great for my personal and professional life.

I can’t recommend working with Leah highly enough!

 Jill C., Coach & Consultant at Corona Consulting

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Schedule your complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session

Your 30-minute Discovery Session is for us to uncover your blocks, look at a map for where you desire to go and offer you resources to get there. Are you committed to the change it will take?

– – –

From the moment our session started, I felt safe, and secure. Like a blanket of love was around me. It allowed me to open up to Leah and share my feelings. The best part was that she gave me tools and guidance to help me through not only this difficult time, but possible future difficult times. Thank You, Leah!!

–Marilyn Johnson, Owner of Spread the Love Jelly